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WhatsApp, a new feature is coming: users logged in

WhatsApp is ready to launch a new function in May and users are already freaking out about it: what is it

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Share It is the most used messaging application in the world because of the problem of changing the terms of service and privacy.

The developers, who have repeatedly promised users, are now ready to offer them a new functionality with a view to May, when we make the specific changes officially.

The feature is called “Then True” And allow one Share Yes, it reminds you to report (even read) chats that you did not respond to. Users are already obsessed with this, especially those who are caught up in a thousand different conversations every day.

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WhatsApp, what will change from May 15th

How To Send WhatsApp Messages

After the storm at the beginning of the year, Share Had decided to postpone the changes made to the Terms of Service until May 15th. This decision, taken to help users understand their meaning, was confirmed with the visit Beta version Per Android. In this, the developers have also clarified what will change.

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Share Specifies that users’ personal conversations cannot be read or listened to Final to final encryption They say it will never change.
Also, no information will be used for prophylactic purposes or to create targeted advertisements Facebook.

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Chats with cloud providers will be marked with a specific icon. This way, the user can always know if he is chatting with one of them in order to disrupt the communication if he wants to. Share It also states that companies with chat content should not be held liable for their actions.