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Windows 11 (build 22509) : Quoi De Neuf Et Comment Le

What’s new and how to download it

After a week-long Thanksgiving break in the United States, we are back with a new creation on the Dev Channel. It comes with a new feature that is in high demand by the users we are starting to test on the Dev channel. Surprise this construction 22509.

What’s new in version 22509?

Browsing the Internet with Narrator is now easier with Microsoft Edge

They worked on several web browsing improvements with Microsoft Edge and Narrator. In particular, typing in the edit fields should now be faster, as web browsing provides more useful information. Finally, we get a more consistent browsing experience with the narrator.

They have made it easier to type in edit fields such as the address bar. In particular, if you press Ctrl + L to access the address bar, you can immediately start typing. Scan mode will be turned off shortly.

This improvement is also useful when filling out the form fields, for example, writing our name and address in different edit boxes. They make it easy to type in edit fields as well as delete in edit fields. After a character has been deleted, the descriptor of the character in the cursor position will now read it. In other words, if the cursor is above “h” in “hello” and you press delete, the narrator will say “e”.

Changes and improvements to version 22509

  • From this version, you can right-click on Startup, go to Startup Settings and select the Layout option. “More pins” or “More suggestions” To display an additional sequence of pins or suggestions, respectively.

New Start Menu Options

  • Now when we connect the secondary monitor, the clock and date will now be displayed on the secondary monitor (s) taskbar so that they can be viewed. [Están comenzando a implementar este cambio, por lo que aún no está disponible para todos los Insiders, ya que quieren monitorear los comentarios y ver cómo funciona antes de enviarlo a todos.]
  • For applications that send call, alert or alarm notifications using Windows notifications in the operating system, 3 top priority notifications will now be stacked and displayed simultaneously. That is, you can view up to 4 notifications at any one time: 3 high priority notifications and one normal priority announcement. [Están comenzando a implementar este cambio, por lo que aún no está disponible para todos los Insiders, ya que quieren monitorear los comentarios y ver cómo funciona antes de enviarlo a todos.]
  • As part of your efforts to integrate Control Panel settings into the Settings application:
    • Advanced partitioning settings (such as network discovery, file and printer partitioning and public folder partitioning) have been moved to a new page in the Settings application under Advanced Network Settings.
    • To show more information about our printer or scanner we have made some updates on the device based pages under Printers & Scanners in the settings.
    • Some access points for network and device settings in Control Panel will now be redirected to the corresponding pages in the settings.
  • To sort the list by name (from Z to A), a new option has been added to the Installed Applications page, and the old option has been updated accordingly. “Alphabetically” Hence the name (A to Z).
  • Now if we enable Bluetooth or WiFi when we are in airplane mode it will be remembered. The next time we use airplane mode, the networks will reflect and be consistent with our preferences, making it easier to constantly listen to headphones and stay connected while on the go.
  • Windows Sandbox now supports restarting in our virtualized environment (for example, if we click the Restart option on the power button at startup).

Make 22509 edits


  • When the system size is set to 125%, the homepage, search, task view, widgets, and dialog icons in the taskbar should not be large.
  • Pressing the Windows Plus key (the number corresponding to the position of the application icon in the taskbar) and pressing the s’ stop number again in the last window will now go through the application windows.
  • Narrator Focus is set on the Task View button and when the Desktops drop-down icon appears, Narrator will now notify you about the desktop.
  • Fixed an issue that some insiders were experiencing in the latest versions regarding updating taskbar notifications in Explorer.exe.


  • The handwriting should now work again when the language is set to Chinese.
  • Mouse mitigated the issue, and in recent versions (which appears to have restarted the system), some insiders checked for errors during sleep.
  • Chinese Simplified IME Candidates are customized to be centered align with the height of the candidate window.
  • Fixed touch keyboard call in PowerShell, it should now work.


  • Switching between desktops in the task view does not shrink the thumbnails and content displayed unexpectedly.
  • This version requires CompactOverlay to work again (i.e. the option that some applications always use to create a small window above).
  • Fixed an issue that caused Explorer.exe to crash when closing 3 or more windows in the task view.
  • Unexpected rotation animation removed when clicking on a corner of the new desktop button.
  • An adjustment was made to fix a basic issue that caused the context menu to animate towards the mouse instead of zooming when right-clicking on the desktop in the task view.
  • Fixed a DWM issue that had a major impact on recent releases.

Setting up

  • Fixed text overlay for some languages ​​on the Apps page installed in Settings.
  • If you click the Uninstall button while using the Installed Applications page in the build view, a confirmation dialog will be displayed.
  • The new ms-settings: Installed-apps URI has been changed to ms-settings: appsfeatures when selecting the Apps Settings option after right-clicking to clear the view that existing links lead to a list of installed applications. In the UWP application from the Start menu.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some insiders to see error 0x8007001f while trying to update to the latest versions from the Dev channel.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some computers from installing newer versions or other updates with an error code of 0x80070002.
  • The error code 0xc1900101 0x4001c indicates an issue with retrieving some devices when installing newer versions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused you to lose your Wi-Fi connection after waking up from sleep mode.

Known bugs


  • Users who upgrade to the latest developments from the Development Channel using the latest ISO from the Development Channel or earlier may receive the following warning: The version you are trying to install is signed. To proceed with the installation, run Signature. If you receive this message, press the Activate button, restart the system, and try updating again.

Get started

  • In some cases, the text could not be entered when starting the search in the taskbar. If this happens to you, press WIN + R to open the Run dialog box and then close it.


  • The taskbar sometimes flashes when switching between different input methods.


  • After clicking the search icon in the taskbar, the search panel may not open. If this happens, restart the process “Windows Explorer” And reopen the search panel.
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