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What users risk after a hacker attack

A mobile expert noted various possible scenarios after the hacker attack on Ho Mobile. What should customers look for?

Undoubtedly one of the worst cases in recent days about the telephone worldHacker attack Immediately from the company It is mobile.

In fact, personal data and technical data Sim Linked to many customer deals. Ricardo Mogiado The IT expert tried to reconstruct the story by explaining what risks users could run.

His testimony was published on a well-known portal It highlights many aspects that have not yet been addressed since they were only focused on the undesirable event.

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The most dangerous phone fraud ever: all the dangers we face

The first factor to face is being vulnerable to attack Sim. Knowing the code ICCID It is possible to pretend to be another phone number by intercepting the traffic of one card Yes.

It is very easy to get codes with this method Two factor recognition Provided by Social website And many other services Home Bank. Therefore Ability to convert Sim It must be exploited completely free of charge because the exact date of the theft cannot be traced. The fact that it has come to light in the last few days does not mean that it has already been going on for some time.

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However, there are still risks associated with personal data, which could allow multiple malicious actors in the network to make efforts. Fishing e Identity theft.

For example, those who have customer information can make a pretense Credit company Or something Gas and Electric Utility Company To extort money. The most common scam but still popular. On the other hand, if you are contacted on your phone number or via your email, there is always the suspicion that something may be true.

In some ways even more horrific is possible False the documents of others. With good scan and good experience in use Photoshop Game over. This way you can pretend to be another person who can subscribe to portals or services that require personal data. However, without cross-examining them Hacker They go to a wedding and don’t run the risk of exposure.

The film created anxiety among customers It is mobile They are looking for solutions to defend themselves. Many gathered in forums or online channels Telegraph Read solutions to act towards the operator.