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What to do if the Tesla Model S runs on battery

What to do if the Tesla Model S runs on battery

Sooner or later, everyone is dealing with something Low battery This prevents the car from starting: usually to solve the problem, having another car that can start is enough and I Cables Connect the two batteries together.

What happens in such an electric car Tesla Model S., What if the battery is completely discharged? Today he talks about it James May, Famous auto journalist and one of the founders of the online community Drive Tripe, In the video we report below.

Equipped with Tesla Model S Two batteries: On the one hand there is a battery pack in running the car, on the other hand there is a classic one battery 12V It allows you to open the car and saves various car settings in memory. The latter, after long weeks of inactivity in the garage, it Downloaded Even if the car is connected to electricity: the recharging system allows you to recharge this battery, but Stop doing that When the largest battery is fully charged 100% It does not require extra energy.

This system, the car parked for a long time, the main battery is 100% charged, but that’s it Fully expelled sub, Continued the task of operating on-board computers.

Understanding the issue, May can figure out how to plug it into the auxiliary battery and reuse her Tesla. It is necessary to achieve it Emergency publications The hood – hidden behind the plastic covers of the front wheel arches – also removes many plastics before finding the power-consuming auxiliary battery, which not everyone is comfortable doing in their own home garage, which you would not expect to do in a Tesla Model S ‘capable car.

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The whole operation lasted An hour, And has created a slight annoyance to the British journalist who is eager to warn us about this design flaw in the Model S.