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Allows Android 12 users to play games while downloading

Google announced that Supports the new On-the-Fly download feature for Android 12 new games. Announced when Google for Games Developer Summit, This feature allows gamers to start playing faster than before and start games only after downloading only what is required for their functionality.

Function “play-as-you-downloadNot entirely new to Android. However, this new Android 12 firmware system will use it by default for new Google Play titles.

That’s how the process works The computer divides the game’s largest assets. The sections of the section cover what is immediately required to run the game and then download. The remaining items will be added to the background without interrupting game time.

During the digital conference, Google said: “We find that 400 megabytes of games are available in 10 seconds instead of several minutesThe company says the user experience will be significantly improved as a result.

The company says it does not need to change games if athletes choose the “Play through download” feature, eliminating the fear that they will lose their progress. “If you are using the Android App Bundle format, download your game and we will do the rest on Android 12», Google indicates.

The system will be made mandatory in August

Although developers currently need to join the beta to benefit from this option, in the future Google will accept this feature by default for games, which will be mandatory in August.

For those wondering when their smartphone will get Android 12, Google has shared a map for beta versions, confirming that the final version will arrive in August.

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