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What to do if plants suddenly lose bare leaves and buds

What to do if plants suddenly lose bare leaves and buds

Covering your terrace, balcony or every corner of your garden with luxurious and lush plants gives you great satisfaction. Whether they are placed on the floor or in beautiful flower boxes, they always provide a welcoming and soothing atmosphere, enhancing the environment and keeping the mood good.

All plants need attention, care and nutrition throughout the year to grow healthy, beautiful and luxurious.

What to do if suddenly the plants become empty and lose leaves and buds

However, the plants suddenly become hollow, the leaves turn yellow and the buds fall off before flowering.

The fall of basal leaves is a physiological phenomenon due to natural causes or lack of certain nutrients such as nitrogen or iron deficiency.

If the leaves have dark margins and widespread yellowing, the acidity value of the soil may not be correct. Frequent watering with tap water, as it is calcareous, can be modified pH Of the land.

One possible solution is to water the plants by collecting rainwater.

In case of loss of buds, lack of water in winter may be due to dehydration caused by lack of flowers, or vice versa, i.e. excessive watering.

In the first case it is better to avoid the soil becoming too dry, but it is better to water lightly and frequently.

In the second case, reduce the amount of water and water only if the soil loses moisture.

For some types of plants, such as a plant with light-colored flowers, waterlogged soil and stagnation can cause antioxidants in the roots.

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Try to give the plants more light, change their position, as they need sun, so the first thing that happens in its absence is the buds fall off.

So here is what to do if the plants suddenly lose bare leaves and buds.


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