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Available in Android 12L Beta, here’s how to download it

Google has introduced the first beta deployment of Android 12L. The redesigned version of its operating system for larger screens will be available first on pixel phones as usual. We explain how to download them and what to expect.

During the Android Dev Summit 2021 held at the end of last October, Google put the veil on Android 12L. This is not really a question of a new operating system, on the contraryAn optimal version For big screen devices – understand tablets and other foldable smartphones and PCs running Chrome OS. Not big news on the horizon, but something to be more interested in.

Starting today, you can get your hands on the Android 12L beta, the first of three planned ahead of its final release. Opportunity to quickly see the additions made by Google. As for updates for the big screens, we’ll have to wait a bit. In fact, Only Pixel smartphones are currently eligible For its installation.

How To Download Android 12L Beta

If you want to install the operating system, the first thing to do is check if you have a compatible device. In early November, Google released smartphones that could receive beta. Not surprisingly, We only see pixelsHere is the complete list:

If you do not have any of these smartphones, do not panic. This list will grow significantly during the final release, and will include Devices from other manufacturers. In addition, we already know all the Samsung smartphones and tablets that will get the update:

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So let’s go back to the beta. If you have one of the pixels mentioned above, here is the procedure to download and install Android 12L Beta:

  • Go to this link
  • Join Android beta program 12 l
  • Select Your smartphone In the list of eligible devices
  • Download Tamil System image Related. You can find the complete list here This link
  • Start the installation

What are the new features of Android 12L?

As mentioned above, Android 12L is not a revolution, but an upgrade of the standard operating system. There are no major new features in the project, however there are some notable additions. New taskbar, Among other things, greatly facilitates navigation on large screens, especially Backing up frequently used applications.

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In general, the display is greatly improved by providing developers with new tools and allowing applications to occupy all available space. Customize their interfaces. The operating system itself has been redesigned by adjusting the notification screens, control center or lock screen. Two columnsTo facilitate re-navigation and multitasking.

However, none of these will be in this first beta, which is reserved for Pixel smartphones. This does not mean that the OS is useless, on the contrary. Ivan is coming Fix some bugs, With the integration of the December 2021 Security Patch. The overall experience has also improved. Other new features will be added during the next beta.