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What is changing today and what needs to be known next

What is changing today and what needs to be known next

On Wednesday, July 21, the health pass extension for cultural and leisure organizations of more than 50 people will come into effect. For its part, the legislature is considering a bill to extend the health pass to restaurants, shopping centers, trains, coaches and planes.

A theater

A Cinema Hall // Source: Eric Witcho / Unsplash

As of today, many companies will check your health pass: Cinemas, theaters, games, sports, museums, theaters, festivals, concerts, libraries, amusement parks or even places of worship must now be issued a health pass.. Inside, the mask is no longer mandatory, and if the infection breaks down, there is no counter-order from the principal.

However, keep in mind that you should check the rules on a case-by-case basis: Some cinema theater networks such as MK2, CGR, Kinapolis or UGC Have chosen to maintain the rule of Wearing a mask is mandatory.

Restrictions will be in place, but awareness-raising measures will be taken initially. If the health pass is not verified, professionals will have to pay a fine of 500 1,500.

The future of this bill lies in the legislature

Meanwhile, the future of the bill is being played out in the legislature. A subtle line of members who oppose being forced to show white paws against the vaccine, fearing that the vaccine will sometimes equate with conspirators. Until August 30, the government had exempted children aged 12-17 from the health pass, and delegates voted in favor. Postponement to the end of September for children aged 12-17.

As a reminder, new The deadline for bars and restaurants (including terraces), hospitals and nursing homes, long-distance transport and business centers over 20,000 m centers is August.. This is what is being discussed in the Assembly.

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How to get a health pass?

As a reminder, the Health Pass was placed as part of the restructuring to continue the fight against Govt-19. We hear a lot about Health Boss, QR codes to access certain places and of course the use of TousAntiCovid. To avoid being overwhelmed by this information, we recommend downloading these two files Health Pass, but general descriptions of these tools.

As a reminder, the Health Pass is there to prove that you do not pose a risk of contamination with Covit-19. There are three scenarios for this:

  • A vaccination certificate with a complete immunization schedule;
  • Recent negative PCR or antigen test result (48 hours for congested events, 72 hours for travel);
  • A positive PCR or antigen test result is more than 15 days old and less than six months old (to prove you have recently recovered).