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Qu'est Ce Qu'un Fichier Compressé Et Comment Tout Le Monde Peut Il

What is a compressed file and how can anyone create it?

If you do not know the meaning of compressed files, go ahead and find out all about them.

If you want to make a backup or send important information via email, the best way is to use a compressed file. Only then can you reduce its weight, save money and reduce the space it takes up on your computer’s hard drive or memory.

Websites have the term “compress” to reduce the size of files online for this reason, as we are sometimes limited when sending or storing a particular type of information, especially when taking up too much space on the computer or linking to email or downloading some.

What is a compressed file and how to create them

However, is it really worth pressing a file? Now, you will learn a little more about compressed files and how to create them so that they take up less space.

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What is a compressed file?

Compressed files are the same files but weight or size reduction compared to the original. These types of files take up less memory space and can be converted quickly.

What is a compressed file?

Compressed files are an easy way to reduce file size and weight

You can merge multiple files into one folder and then download or send them very conveniently. Generally, when compressing a file, you can do so in two ways: Lossless compression Or Compression of loss, Which will determine whether or not it loses quality.

Compressed file types

Below you will find two types of compressed files in more detail.

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Compressed file types

These are the types of compressed files that exist

  • Lossless Summary: Also known as lossless compression or loss compression, it is a special form or algorithm that can reduce its size under proper reconstruction of the original data.
  • Loss Summary: Loss is called contraction or Compression of loss It will lose data in its original form or file along the way. In other words, the result will be a low quality file or some content bugs, especially if the file is large (movies, video games, music).

What are compressed files?

Although this may seem rare, a typical user will always compress files without even knowing it. We see an example of this using social networks or instant messaging applications, because every time an image or file is uploaded to sites like WhatsApp, the computer or app automatically compresses the file. We see it when we upload a photo or image on Instagram.

This means that compressed files can be found anywhere, but if you want to know what they are, look below:


What is Compressed Files - Images

Images are very compressed files

Most of the time, a compression is used to store images, especially on a computer, send by email or simply upload to a webpage or blog. Formats supported by some websites are JPG, PNG, or GIF, PNG is widely used due to its lack of quality.

Video games

What Are Compressed Files - Video Games

Compressed files contain pages that allow you to download video games

There are Steam, Epic Games, Battle Net and other sites that only provide the files you need to play. That is, a video game, its original DVD weight is 60 gigabytes, on these sites you can download it as a compressed file, taking up less space per storage unit.

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Videos, Movies and Music

What are compressed files - videos, movies and music

Videos, movies, music are compressible files

These types of files lose quality when compressed. As for music, sometimes it goes unnoticed because the human ear loses indistinguishable frequencies. However, you can adjust the quality on sites like YouTube, for example if you select 140p you will see a big difference compared to 4K. The same thing happens with videos and movies when we talk about audiovisual quality.

RAR or ZIP files

These programs only reduce the size of the files, but when they are unzipped the file will remain the same as before because they can recover the original code.

How to compress a file?

  1. Download and install the WinRAR or WinChip application on your computer or laptop.
  2. Find the files you want to compress in the folder on your computer. It can also be a single file.
  3. Right-click on the folder or file and find the “Add to File” option.
  4. A new window will open where you can rename the file, select the file format and compression method. For added security, you can set a password.
  5. Now click on “OK”.

How to compress a file

Steps to compress a file in RAR or ZIP

By following these steps, you will see how the new compressed file will automatically appear next to the original. This way you can verify how the compressed file can be created with or without anyone knowing.

Better yet, PDF files are not the only way to compress files, as there are portals like Adobe, portals like Tinypng to compress images with low loss and online audio compressor to compress videos., Movies and music.

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The best processors to reduce the size and weight of your mobile images

You must download the file you want to compress on all sites, select the format and quality and click the “Change” option. The loading time depends on the size of the file.

If you liked this article, don’t forget to check out how to compress video on Android to take up less space on your mobile, or better yet, find out how to open and crack zip and RAR files on Android. With this step-by-step guide.

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