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What do you think about the Wolverine console?

What do you think about the Wolverine console?

Steam deck is coming, there are many arguments for it: more power than the switch, a game library already ready if you are a gamer or PC player, 4K compatibility. On the other hand, many arguments may be chilling: the performance below a current console or a gaming PC, the ergonomics that must prove itself and above all … the existence of an already good hybrid portable console. Installed in many restrooms.

La Console Portable Steam Tech

La Console Portable Steam Tech // Source: Valve

Cape Newell had promised, Steam released a console. And even smaller. The Steam Tech Adopts the design inspired by the most profitable switch. The announcement of the third switch model has now taken place in a neighborhood that echoes all the strong ones. The Pre-order the OLED switch Already open.

But in terms of design, not much needs to be done for both consoles. The first of the differences is that if the switch can convince more than 85 million users, the Steam deck still has everything to prove. Valvin’s recent attempts at console sales have not been particularly successful. The Steam connection, released in 2015, did not meet its audience.

A real small PC

However, the steam deck has some good arguments. To start The switch has more power than it has at its disposal. Paradoxically, this is less than the latest generation consoles like this Xbox Series X. And this PS5 – Not to mention PC gamer. This can result in a limited number of PC players, which may be the main target of a Steam engine (as a reminder, the Steam No. 1 games seller in the PC ecosystem) to hesitate a bit before moving on. Because compatibility concerns can interfere with experience..

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But its main argument is its proximity to the PC ecosystem. A player who gets their hands on a steam deck does not need to buy an entire sports library. He should only use his steam library, which is often already well stocked. It is clear that a store like Steam, which has the biggest sales almost every month, will look very attractive before buying a new console.

Triggers and hammocks

Another scenario that makes potential buyers hesitant: For many gamers, a small console refers to cool indie games on a couch or a bed. But this part of the experience, many people can already see this in a switch.

La Console Portable Steam Tech

La Console Portable Steam Tech // Source: Valve

Finally, some voices are concerned about the ergonomics of the machine. With its many sticks, triggers and buttons, we have to admit that there is something we still need to be a little more aware of, of incomprehensible benefit.

It is in this context that we would like to know your opinion on the steam site, which should be published by the end of this year.


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