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What do you think about the smartphone interface?

What do you think about the smartphone interface?

Huawei has released the official preview of its HarmonyOS smartphone interface. Functionality, Ergonomics, Design: What did you think? That is the whole point of our survey this week.

HarmonyOS on the smartphone

HarmonyOS sur smartphone // Source: Huawei

Now the field of shared mobile operating systems between Android and iOS welcomes a newcomer: HarmonyOS. This innovation, conceived and created by Hawaii, serves as an internal alternative to the US ban, which in particular prevents the use of Google services, which have been highly appreciated by European users.

HarmonyOS, official preview provided

HarmonyOS is not just a system for smartphones: it calls itself the entire galaxy of devices. Nevertheless, the Chinese agent will be invited to publish an official preview of the interface, using an event that is entirely dedicated to its OS Future Huawei P50 and P50 Pro.

In short, what should we expect? HarmonyOS in particular draws attention to the connection between devices through an integrated portal, Huawei says, to connect your smartphone to a few devices through a simple process. You should expect a lot of widgets (some of them) “On demand”) Highly customizable and intelligent case management.

What do you think about HarmonyOS for smartphone?

Under HarmonyOS, both smartphone and tablet offer an integrated experience. By connecting the two devices, you can see which application is open on the phone from the tablet. Feel free to discuss our dedicated article, It summarizes each of the elements provided in more detail.

So it was in this context that we wanted to know your opinion about the HarmonyOS interface for smartphones.

As usual, do not hesitate to explain your choice in the comments section. We will select a number of participants’ responses within a week.