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"Wetland Plants" - Tela Botany

“Wetland Plants” – Tela Botany

It’s ready, it’s waiting for you 21 The second 2021 photo challenge will have the theme of “Wet Plants”!

Typhus latifolia See Dominic Remote, CC BY-SA”/>

Typhus latifolia Presented by Dominic Remot, CC BY-SA

defi photo

How to participate in the challenge?

April 8 to June 1, You can participate by depositing a maximum of 3 photos in the online book. So the contest will be open for two months and then there will be 2 weeks to vote for your favorite photo!

For this 2 methods Possibility:

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1 – By finishing Garnet is the simplified form of my lignin. Attention: Fill out a new form for each different species.

2 – By specifying two unique tags and adding them directly to your online notebook “DefiPhoto ” And “Hygrophilic plants ”.

How do I add my photos to an online book?

There are 5 steps to sharing an observation and botanical picture in an online guide:

  • I take my observation.
  • I will add my picture.
  • I attach my image to my observation.
  • I will make this data public (the “Observations” tab), and the photo attached to the observation will also be made public on the network.
  • I create two separate tags and attach them to my pictures with keywords: “DefiPhoto ” And “Wet plants ”.
  • It’s over!

If you can not identify the plant you are photographing, you can use the Identiplant tool, which will allow network botanists to help you! When your photo is added to an online book, it is automatically visible in Identiplant. To find it, enter your name, the name of the species you specified, or something else in the search engine.

By participating in this photo challenge, You are also contributing to the TOPIK project! Like the TOEIC for English, the TOPIK aims to certify plants’ recognition and competence in knowledge. The program offers the development of three complementary tools: a self-training module, a self-assessment module and a certification module. Some photos of this challenge can be used for this project!

Garnet How can I enter and share your botanical data in my ligno?

How to mark images?

Your image should be related to an observation that represents species, location and date. If you can not determine the species, do not hesitate to submit your image to the Plant Determination Forum and Identiplant. If you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us at email at [email protected]

See you soon in Dela Botany!