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Black Friday US Shopping App Downloads Record 2.8M Installations - Tech Crunch

Black Friday US Shopping App Downloads Record 2.8M Installations – Tech Crunch

Many U.S. consumers shopped from home on mobile devices at this year’s Black Friday sale event. This led to the first installation of mobile shopping apps in the United States to break the new record for single day installations on Black Friday 2020. For a report from the sensor tower. The company estimates that as of November 27, U.S. consumers had downloaded about 2.8 million shopping apps – an increase of almost 8% over last year.

However, this figure does not necessarily indicate faster growth than 2019, which saw an increase of 8% per year in Black Friday shopping utility installations, the report said. Mobile retail and related app installations now take place throughout November, as retailers have adapted to infection and other online shopping trends by hosting previous sales or one-month sales events.

Image Credit: Sensor Tower

The data seems to indicate that this is true. Nov. 1 to Nov. 2019 saw a growth of over 2% year over the same period.

Another change taking place in mobile shopping is the increasing use of it from brick and mortar retailers. In the first three quarters of 2020, applications from brick and mortar retailers accounted for 27%. The trend continued on Black Friday, with 5 of the top 10 mobile shopping apps coming from Walmart-led brick and mortar retailers.

Image Credit: Sensor Tower

Walmart saw the highest adoption this year, with approximately 131,000 black and silver installations, followed by Amazon at 106,000 and then Shopify’s store at 81,000. Integrated, the top 10 apps saw a total of 763,000 new installations, or 27% of first-time downloads in the shopping segment.

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Since companies only see new app installations, they do not give the full picture of the US mobile shopping market because many consumers already have these apps installed on their devices. And many are shopping online via desktop or laptop computer.

To give some context to these figures, Shopify reported $ 2.4 billion in black silver sales on Saturday, with 68% of mobile phones. Today, Amazon Announced Its small business sales alone topped $ 4.8 billion from Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday, an increase of 60% per year, but this did not break the percentage that came from mobile.

Censor Tower and Competitive App Store Analysis Company App Annie This is the most accepted of the top 5 shopping apps downloaded on Black Friday. They both Walmart dropped Amazon again and became the most downloaded American shopping app on Black Friday – just like it did in 2019. Both companies reported that Amazon was ranked 2nd by downloads, followed by Shopify’s Shop app, followed by Target. However, the Censor Tower Best Pie was ranked 5th, followed by Nike, which saw App Annie change those positions.

Image Credit: App Annie

The top 10 locations on the sensor tower include Sheen, Sam’s Club, Clarna, and then Offer, while Sheen, Sam’s Club, Wish, and then Offer round out App Ann’s list.

The impact of the epidemic is not apparent given the growth of online shopping this year, but the recession that triggered it has played a part in how American consumers are paying for their purchases. “Buy Now, Pay Later” apps like Clarna soared this year, topping the top 10 for sensor tower data. The company also noted that a number of new shopping apps and retailers launched this year focusing on discounts and deals have been selling well this year.

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