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Were millions of smartphones and consoles disconnected from the Internet on September 30?

Were millions of smartphones and consoles disconnected from the Internet on September 30?

Millions of iPhones, Android smartphones, consoles (PS4, PS3 …) and connected TVs are at risk of suddenly losing their Internet connection from September 30th. The widely used security certificate is out of date, making many non-renewed devices suspicious.

Looking at your computer, smartphone or console without an internet connection: A dream for some. Yet it is likely to happen to millions of users on September 30th. In Trouble: The Expiry of the Digital Security Certificate, Identrust DST Route CA X3. On his blog And sent by PhoneTroid.

This certificate is part of a protocol that encrypts the bulk of the links made on the WordWeb web. It is certified by Letts Encrypt, which was created in 2015.

Many devices are affected

Many older devices still rely on the Identrust DST root CA X3. In particular, devices released before 2017 are affected. Sometimes a simple update can fix the problem.

For Android smartphones, you need to install version 2.3.6 Gingerbread or earlier to maintain internet connection. From 2024, users will need to install Android Nougat 7.1.1 version. According to Scott Helmin, one-third of Android phones could be affected by the September 30 blackout.

Using Firefox

For Apple devices, users of MacOS 10.12.0, iOS 9 or earlier are advised to update the firmware. PCs running Windows XP with firmware older than 5.00 for the PlayStation 4 or Service Pack 2 or earlier.

Some devices may avoid this connection problem as they run on multiple digital security certificates. A tip for crash victims: Use a Firefox browser that uses its own digital credentials to encrypt connections.

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