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Welcome back to Perisha, Cernicola is everywhere, look for energy outflows - Lo Spalino

Welcome back to Perisha, Cernicola is everywhere, look for energy outflows – Lo Spalino

This was facilitated by the fact that the evidence presented in the Italian Cup against Sassuolo was very good, the absence of others and the positive episodes. Marino can certainly notice improvement, especially in terms of general attitude and ability to struggle at the right moments.

Team Voting 7.5 – Well, Sassuolo had some starters on the pitch and played ten full halves, but SPAL explained their coach’s game plan in the best possible way, with focus, a sense of sacrifice and the right amount of light heart. This time, Luck smiled at Biancasuri and gave him two forests taken by the hosts. You need it too.

Perisha 6.5 – Just four minutes later, he makes everyone understand how much he has disappeared in the last 70 days, removing a poisonous balloon from Raspadori’s leg. Always show coolness, confidence and power. Where he does not come, there are goal posts.

SHOULDER 6 – In the first twenty minutes he has some trouble keeping Boga in the bay, and also takes a heel tunnel. Then, along with the team, he takes measurements and plays an orderly game, which is facilitated by Sassuolo’s innumerable inferiority complex (From 23 ′ st RANIERI 6 – For his part, the war is not angry, he lays his brick).

Vicars6 – The very young raspberry is causing him a little more trouble than expected. He is the last bulwark when Sassuolo manages to advance with several men and is then paralyzed (accidentally) by the same Sassuolo striker. (dal 1 ′ st TOMOVIC 6 – Sassuolo’s paradox in the second half makes life easier for him, so he has to run the field activities, he does it with the usual silence of this season).

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Cernicola 7.5 – At first he is forced to run hard in the ode, it takes a while to figure the distances. But when it does, it becomes decisive. He breaks the game of others, restarts the game of his comrades, and kicks fearlessly. He not only covered the ball with control, but was sent off after another basic recovery in the middle of the field. Ah, and in order not to lose anything, serve with a check for good.

Dickman7 – A game that focuses more on keeping the slopes of Boca and Rogerio in the Gulf. At 36 ‘he abandons leaving the door open and receives curses, which are immediately canceled with the time plug of the remote space for the 2-0 goal.

Miseroli 6,5 – He shows a dangerous inaction in the first post when Raspadori is attacked, but then he is good at making the Sassuolo guards go and collect help from the Czechs. The midfield fort is especially valuable when it comes time to keep brief and break the enemy’s intrigues.

Murjia6 – Enough of the encouragement, especially for what was shown in the second half, even though Sassuolo was in turmoil at the time. He often feels like he is too far away from where he should be to do his duty.

D’Lesandro 6,5 – In the first half he devoted himself almost exclusively to covering his domain, and did not fool him by running into the action which led to the attack on the post of raspberry. With SPAL in arithmetic superiority he is likely to progress more calmly and from his precision right comes Dickmann’s 2-0 ball. (From 23 ′ St Room 6 – He does his duty as soon as the game begins towards descent).

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DI FRANCESCO ng – When it comes time to raise the bunker against having Sassuolo, he sacrifices himself just like everyone else. He has time to play a couple of balls in the opponent’s half, and then a muscle problem comes up and forces him to get out early (dal 26 ′ pt SECK 7 – Provocation: Do we firmly believe that Esposito is much stronger than him? He enters with enthusiasm and energy, not only fulfilling his twenty years of courage, but also exerting the necessary brilliance. Make play for Misiroli’s goal, and then he can score on at least two counterattacks, this time showing the pinch of selfishness that he too can be forgiven).

Brignola 6.5 – In the first half it represents the only offensive option of some prominence, along with Dickman’s descendants. He does a very valuable declining job, being one of the few who tried to shoot even from a difficult position. Inspiring proof of how much the player is interested in creating more space. (dal 46 ′ st STREFEZZA ng – Recovery minutes to allow Brignola to catch his breath).

FLOCCARI 7 – Those who complain about certain scenes of the target should pay special attention to those plays, often of high quality, as Sergio plays in the service of his teammates. He takes different kicks and blows and at some point they even take off their shoes. He deserved the score, but the Czech fainted with personal pride. The two will have a good natured chat and next time it will be different.

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Marino7 – Bring home a valuable decision for self-esteem. The expelled chapter apparently helped SPAL, but even before that the team had behaved well, demonstrating readiness and focus. This may be the version that the technician often wants to see.