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Weight Loss: Experiments show that this is the best use for weight loss

Weight Loss: Experiments show that this is the best use for weight loss

As you can see in the video: Saskia loses almost 100kg with the help of one app – but what’s the use of weight loss apps?

Saskia Shilbaugh fits this outfit twice today. The 26-year-old has lost an incredible 96 kilograms in the last 3 years – in addition to treatment, the use of counting calories has helped her.
11:54 Original Sound Saskia: Because once you have eaten what I had, you need to understand the size of the normal portion. What is normal
In addition to use, Saskia also helped with the treatment. At that time, due to eating disorder, she had severe fasting again and again, in which she sometimes ate 7000 calories in a few hours. In the meantime, however, she was able to get a feel for her body – she was playing sports and planning her meal in advance. She still mentions all the calories in use today. We asked the nutritionist if such applications can help reduce body weight.
225: You no longer feel alone with your calorie count. The hand really has an accessory: hold it, you can do it.
Our expert has some utility recommendations that our reporter will pay close attention to. She wonders because: Weight loss apps are now more than just a diet diary. Additional functions such as cooking and functional trackers are often present.
EasyFit application is free and simple. Name program. The application is simple and clear – you can enter sports and calories here.
The basic functions of the “Fatsecret” application are also free. For the premium account you have to pay 99 6.99 per month. There are recipes for this, nutrition plans, step counters and incentive announcements.
In my fitness milk, the basic functions are also free. At 99.99 per month you will get advertising freedom, a comprehensive food analysis and other premium activities such as training and cooking.
You dig deep into your pocket for NOOM use. For 40 to 80 a month, you get a lot of offers here.
9:01. The maximum priced application offers many features. That means you can come up with something. There are a lot of apps in the package that advertise at high prices.
But that doesn’t mean cheap or free apps can’t help you lose weight. Saskia’s story also proves this. She lost so much weight through the use of Yasio. The premium package is available from 87 1.87 per month. For Saskia, the decision to use the app certainly paid off. However, everyone has to decide individually which calorie counter is most suitable for them.

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