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Free PC Games, Christmas Ends, But Not Epic Store: Next Payment Announced

Free PC Games, Christmas Ends, But Not Epic Store: Next Payment Announced

A section of the PC community has the option to recover Jurassic World Evolution is free Until next January 7th, but not only: Epic Game has already announced the next free title.

In early 2021, the Christmas campaign officially ended, which gave the store 15 games for its users, but the products were not finished. In fact, he resumes the practice of watching Epic Sports Shop To distribute A free game every week, A tradition that will continue unchanged even in this new year. Starting next January 7, Interested PC players will have the opportunity to download for free Weeping suns. As usual, the promotion will only be active for a limited time, with a deadline set January 14.

Developed by the Alt Shift team and published by Humble Games, Crying Sons is a Roguelike characterized by strategic elements And set in a deep space that is practically created. We find excellent references in the sources of inspiration for production, none of which are different Sand e Foundation. As commander of a space navy, soldiers will have the opportunity to uncover the truth about the mysteriously fallen empire. With an expanding storyline of over 6 episodes, Crying Sons will accommodate more than 300 story events.

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