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Sainz: “La Ferrari non scarica i piloti”

Science: “Ferrari Drivers Not Downloaded” – F1 Drivers – Formula 1

With a mic Shoemaker It heats up, and a few people don’t think it’s Carlos Science The two pass through a Ferrari, almost a boat between Sebastian Vettel and his companion. Spinard responds with the results, which are on his side: McLaren signed third in the classification of architects achieved Charlie Brown, With Lando Norris, the creator of an intimate pair on and off the track. Following his conclusions, Science, capable of extracting the maximum from the car, has the hard nut to beat Charles. Leklerk. It’s not easy to do better than Monacos, though they swear there was no lineup at the beginning in Maranello. However, it is important to show immediately that you are in a Ferrari, precisely to eliminate the spectrum of Shumi Jr., especially if the latter performs better in the hassle.

Season Report Cards 2020: Carlos Science

Science was not afraid of this situation and reiterated his thoughts. Not only is he happy with the choice of Ferrari, but he is also confident that Maranello will not drop drivers. So, put the helmet on your head and be ready to face the 2021 season without worries: “Ferrari is not a group that eats and spits on its drivers. I also saw the experience for Sebastian Incision, Which driver would not have wanted to spend six years in Maranello? Fernando Alonso also spent five years at Ferrari. In short, I don’t know if this is the group that kills drivers so easily. I want to open a loop here like I did in McLaren and I will do everything I can to do that. The experience of walking has allowed me to progress as a driver, which I have never been ready for in my life. I have improved in start-up, racing management, and qualification: it has been a continuous improvement, which has recently progressed faster than I thought. I’m grateful to McLaren for all of this, no doubt. “

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