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We will reveal the content reduction from the Nintendo Switch game

We will reveal the content reduction from the Nintendo Switch game

Pokemon: Let’s go, Picasso! And Let’s go, Evie! The first Mainline Pokemon game released for the Nintendo Switch, and it came with some cool features, especially compatible Pokemon Co.. However, it seems that this game has almost got many extra features cut from the final product! An anonymous poster shared leaks for game prototypes on 4chan, showing some content that did not make it to the final version. In particular, there are references to Pokemon breeding, Red origin, and the phenomenon associated with fossils found on the Mount. நிலா.

YouTuber Ludo shared some of those findings on Twitter, which can be found in the tweets posted below.

As Leidwo pointed out, even before the release the games seemed to be simplified, the levels for some opposing Pokமொmon were lowered from the prototypes. Provided the fact that Pokemon: Let’s go Seen as an entry point for newcomers and those introduced to the brand Pokemon Co., Which makes little sense! Some fans are not easily pleased Let’s go, So it would have been interesting to see if those higher levels would have been more acceptable to fans of longtime owners.

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It is not possible to say what impact these cut features may have had on reception Pokemon: Let’s go, But the game came with some welcome changes overall. With the aforementioned compatibility Pokemon Co. It was a big change for the series, and it was constantly expanded by Niantic and Game Freak. Earlier this year, both developers made it possible for players to convert any Pokமொmon obtained in the mobile game Pokemon Home. Like that, Pokemon: Let’s goOverall the influence of the series continues to this day!

What do you think about cut content Pokemon: Let’s go? Would you have liked the toughest challenge in the game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter Ar Marktachamp Gaming to talk about all things!