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How To Delete Your Game Function On Nintendo Switch

If you’ve been playing some uncomfortable games on your Nintendo Switch recently and you do not want your friends to see it in your Play process, you can delete your game function altogether. Here’s how to do it.

First, go to the “Home” menu (press the “Home” button), then select your user profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

On the Switch Home screen, select your user profile icon.

Your profile settings page will open. In the sidebar, select “User Settings”.

On your Switch profile page, select "User settings."

In “User Settings”, select “Enable Functional Settings”.

In the Nintendo Switch user settings, select "Enable functional settings."

In “Enable Functional Settings”, select “Delete Game Activity”.

Change user settings and select "Delete game function."

After selecting, the switch will ask you to confirm. Select “Delete”.

Select "Clear" To confirm.

Next, you will see the message that the play function has been deleted. Select “OK”.

Select "OK."

After that, the next time a friend sees your profile on your switch, your game activity list will be empty. As you play, it will start to refill. If necessary, you can remove it from time to time.

How to hide game activity from friends

If you find that you often delete your Play functionality and want to hide your Play functionality instead, go to the “Play Activity Settings” screen and select the “Show game activity” option. In the popup menu, select “None”.

Nintendo Switch "Show game activity" The system is set up "nobody is here."

After that, when a friend views your profile, the “Activity Activity” section will not be displayed. Last Privacy!

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