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Survival-based Psycho Wolf has been unveiled for the Nintendo Switch

Survival-based Psycho Wolf has been unveiled for the Nintendo Switch

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Announced Ultimate Games and Hydragon Psycho wolf Nintendo is in the process of developing a switch.

You play “Psycho Wolf”, a shadow scientist who deceived everyone who lived in his village, and now must face the consequences of his actions.

The single-player experience will allow you to use your ax “uncompromisingly,” combining simple rules, running, inspection, craft and survival elements.

“Psycho Wolf is a genre that does not fit into genres and combines many different solutions. Running plays an important role – you have to keep going all the time,” explains Hydragon lead programmer Łukasz Majewski.

“There is no famine to explore, various villages and their surroundings are waiting to be discovered, as well as survival and craft elements and opportunities to play with your ax. Psycho Wolf is a topic that will not particularly starve and will attract fans of other similar games.”

Psycho Wolf will be released globally in 2021 on the Nintendo EShop for the Nintendo Switch.


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