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"We Virginia Rocky Can't Vote For It"

“We Virginia Rocky Can’t Vote For It”

Cofredo Bettini, the leading president of the Roman Democratic Party, the father of the Giorgio government, returns to the radio intervention to close the doors of a PD-M5S alliance in the name of the Virginia Rocky: “We (with M5S) do not agree. We can not vote for a mayor who has ruled. 5 There is nothing personal or ideological about Stelle or Virginia Rocky. We give a verdict on qualifications and mayors must decide what they do to their cities. In Rome we are forced to change, ”he told Radio Angio. .

However, apart from the role of the mayor, the line between PD and Pentostellati should be strengthened, according to the Exponent Dem, who is one of the key architects of the Coalition between Democrats (New). The movement, led by Giuseppe Gonde: “I think Gonde has the ability to speak to a cross-voter because of the simplicity of the language. Conte has a certain reputation for being real and can add new strength to the field of democracy. The synergy of the characters could be if we were good between M5s and Pt. I have never talked about a structural coalition that has now become a goal if we accept a majority rather than a proportional electoral program. Before the M5s-Pd coalition was a political choice, we are now truly obliged to return to worrying about the last, according to Pettini, the Democrats, the most painful sections of society who have abandoned and left us and go to the right with Meloni and Salvini.

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