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How To Download Warson On PS5

Call of Duty: Warson will soon be integrated with Black Ops Cold War, which will be downloaded separately as two more different games. | Photo courtesy of the process

How to download Warson on PS5 is a question most new players ask, and the answer is not as easy as expected.

Call of Duty: Warson is set to integrate with Black Ops Cold War by launching Season 1 on December 10th, which will still be downloaded separately as two different games.

Call of Duty on PlayStation 5: Here’s how to download Warson properly.

Aside from the expectation that Warson will be installed with the Black Ops Cold War, a common problem faced by PS5 players is that even though it is a free-to-play game, the option to download Warson as a standalone PS5 game from Modern Warfare is missing.

The main point of the situation is that Warson does not have a PS5 version yet.

Modern Warfare will be mostly a backwards-compatible game, with Warson upgraded to the next Gen Xbox, rumored to be the PS5 version released on December 10th.

At the moment, Warson acts as a back-compatible game on the PS5. In the PlayStation Store and PS5 library, Warson is classified as a PS4 game.

Downloading this PS4 Warson file on PS5 works just as well as it did on the PS4 Pro, which means that next-gen features like 120fps will not be enabled until the PS5 version of Warson is down.

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Here’s how to download PS4 Warson file for free on PS5.

To learn more about Call of Duty’s Battle Royale, you can get the latest on Warson’s Season 6 extension and its rumored upcoming map.