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The new game video reveals it

The new game video reveals it

Capcom first showed the village of Resident Evil in an older Zen version Horror new game video captured on PlayStation 4 Pro. Some particularly attentive users have found some interesting details in the video in question.

As the user of “Who is Barry” pointed out on Twitter, the words appeared on the screen during the game videoSkip / Photo mode, Which confirms the addition of two new options in relation to sports cuts. Therefore, players who want to better enjoy the settings and explore the characters in their in-depth details during their games, They can enjoy themselves using photo mode (We do not know if this is available for normal game stages).

Apart from this, the Opportunity to avoid Cutskens, Could not be done during Citizenship Evil 7; Survival horror centered on the Baker family’s horrific orgies is a feature that has caused frustration for many users who have decided to embark on more than one run.

In short, even better news for those eagerly awaiting arrival Resident Evil Village, May 8 PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S officially launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Play. For all details of the case, we refer you to us Resident Evil Village Overview.

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