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Apple Arcade adds 30 games to its list, including cult titles

Apple Arcade adds 30 games to its list, including cult titles

Apple Notice to add There are no less than 30 games on the Apple Arcade list, and its service now allows you to play 180 titles against a 5 subscription per month. Except for the latest game from Final Fantasy Creator We were talking this morning, This great expansion goes through new exclusive titles and especially the classification of old cult games and classic genres.

Examples are Apple.

As for exclusives, Apple now offers the game of basketball NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition ; A game ” Match three To PageWeld (Three or more identical formats must be combined) In the universe of the animated series Simon’s Cat ; A game that plays a role in the universe Star Trek ; New version of the popular game Oregon route ; Updated version of Classic iOS Cut the rope Finally Sangpop Party, Music quiz game alone or with others. With the addition of Fantasian, this is already a record since the launch of seven exclusive innovations in a single day.

New ” Oregon route, Created by Cameloft.
NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition.

But that’s not all, Apple is changing its mind by adding games to the Arcade, which are neither new nor exclusive to its service. Included, many iOS classics included Three people And first Memorial Valley, But also Mini Metro And Fruit Ninja, A game originally released in June 2010! The company has thought about board game and word game lovers with a solitaire, a crossword game (English speaking only, unfortunately), sudoku, backgammon and a chess game. Really bad chess.

Really bad chess

In short, there is something for everyone and Apple “offers” titles are still for sale in the App Store. If you subscribe to Apple Arcade, you do not have to pay 4.5 for Mini Metro, Pour 7 Threes, To Memorial Valley 50 4.50, Or again 4,5 € Pour really bad chess. But since these are identical games on the Apple Arcade and App Store, this enrichment will not bring you anything if you have already purchased them.

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If you have never tried Apple Arcade, you can enjoy the service with free month. The subscription is then charged at 99 4.99 per month and shared with all members of the iCloud family. Subscription formulas Apple One All integrate with Apple Arcade.