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'We are a small studio, it takes time to solve a problem'

‘We are a small studio, it takes time to solve a problem’

Related Soap Opera Abandoned Updates with new chapter. 24 hours after the failed interactive trailer, Blue Box Studios Provides another update via Twitter PlayStation 5 Still hidden in mystery.

In comparisonThe latest update for postponing an abandoned trailer, Led study Hassan Kahraman No firm news has been delivered, indicating that technical issues have not yet been resolved and that the trailer will be available soon. “We are still working to fix the problem. We would like to remind you that we are a small studio that does not have detailed resources to solve a problem quickly. We want to give you the most refined product and the perfect representation of the game“, These are the words of the blue box, which adds more details:”We will not postpone the link to a specific date, but we will publish it as soon as we resolve the issues. From the PPGS team and all those who were abandoned, we thank you for your patience and deeply apologize for the inconvenience.“.

So again, Exact time was not provided About when problems will be solved. A situation that has been going on for months will make everyone from soldiers to press officers turn a blind eye. In this regard, we refer to you as ours Specializing in abandoned technical issues for the PS5, We will explore in detail the complex situation surrounding the mysterious topic with a variety of reflections.