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WD Black SN850 2TB Test: Very fast SSD not afraid of heatstroke

WD Black SN850 2TB Test: Very fast SSD not afraid of heatstroke

In its documentation, WD states that the 2TB SN850 is capable of achieving 7 GB / s of continuous reading and 5.1 GB / s of text. Under Benchmark, We reach these values, the tested SN850 surpasses even a hair’s breadth: 7.1 GB / s read and average 5.2 GB / s writing. However, this model did not achieve the observed values Corsair MP600 Pro 2 tuberculosis (7.1 gb / v and 6.9 gb / v). Random access to small files also gives good results (915 KIOPS reading and 716 KIOPS writing – SLC cache is active).

With a larger file array (64GB vs. 1GB in the first round tests), the result is again very good. Continuous performance is 4.25 Gb / s read and 5.2 Gb / s write. The steps to re-access the Corsair’s SST, MB600 Pro, however, show that it is faster in writing – which also applies to random access.

Finally, our manual copy test also yields a good result. As always with PCIe 4.0 SSDs, copying a file does not allow the SSD to fully expose itself – SSDs are more convenient to manage multiple files in parallel. However, we achieve 1.7 GB / s reading and 1.8 GB / s writing.

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