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Here's how you can download it

Here’s how you can download it

In early June, Apple presented the upcoming version of its mobile operating system with numerous innovations. Now was the first public preview iOS 15 And Download iPods 15 Given.

What can you expect from iOS 15?

The biggest innovation in iOS 15 worries Fasttime. Adds video chat service Shareplay A new feature. So you can Screen Share an Apple device with other Apple users and watch a TV show together in real time.

More leaves Fasttime The closed walls of the Apple ecosystem may be the first Windows– and Android users To be used.

Is in addition Innovations When showing Announcements. Notice required Clear And appear neat. If you wish, you can also display the most important announcements at a specific time under iOS 15.

Further Switch between 2 Apple devices It should change easily and quickly with the upcoming operating system versions. Additionally, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 have new features Privacy And Health activities.

Beware of the beta version

However, users should keep in mind that Dest versions There are many more bugs Monitor and run unstable. Therefore test versions should be used on dependent devices every day Do not install. It is recommended to make a backup of iOS 14 before installation.

How you install the preview on iOS 15 and iPadOS15

  1. Check compatibility: Before starting the installation, you should check if the public beta for iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 is also available for the respective device. A Complete list Can be found below.
  2. Create a backup: You should definitely have one Backup the current device Investment. The preview versions released now are not ready-made software and minor or major bugs can be expected at any time. So you want to switch to standard iOS 14.
  3. Sign up for a beta version: On top of that Related Apple Website You have to deal with him Apple-ID Sign up for beta programs.
  4. Download iOS 15: After successfully signing in, you can download the configuration profile on your Apple device. The general beta for iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 can be added later Settings Under Generally And Download the software update.
  5. Switch to iOS 14: If there are multiple bugs in iOS 15 or none of the features really work, you can switch to iOS 14 at any time. However, this requires something Factory reset This will erase all the data on the iPhone. Therefore, it is important to do this in advance Backup To put