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Our last 2, Ellie de Molcenna's Cosplay GOTY -

Last 2 on PS5 in the next gen version: Here’s how it looks in the video

Our last 2 Its PS5 Its own version is not particularly next gen, works compatible backwards from the best PS4 version, but let’s try to see how it looks Update Technology included Video.

AnalystTibits, a YouTube user who has known himself in recent months for various technical analyzes and video comparisons, has tried to create a possible Next gen version The PS5 uses enhancements to the film using artificial intelligence using some of The Lost of S2’s technologies.

Take the PS4 version of Video The Lost of S2 and apply some to it AI-managed top projects So you get a video 4K E60 FPS, Which may be caused by a link to the next gen update on the PS5, however it is a crude system for evaluating these improvements compared to the actual patch released by the developers.

However, waiting for news about the game’s adaptation for the PS5, meanwhile, we can see how this will change with the increase in resolution and frame-rate. The PS4 Pro goes at 1440p and 30 fps, so even switching to 60 fps is a ‘Significant evolution In terms of fluidity and display quality.

This is a remake of an image that used exclusively a poster of the video, so the quality is lower than one can get through. The real link Rather than changing the code of the game, but above all it helps to express the idea, showing the real differences with the current gen version.

The Lost of S2 has no official information on the next gen patch, with the latest news coming from a leak in January stating that the update is in effect, but since then there have been no updates. Meanwhile, there seems to be a remake of The Lost of AC for PS5, the naughty dog ​​development with the support of other developers.

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