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Codera leaves SIE, but he will not go far -

Codera leaves SIE, but he will not go far –

Suyoshi Codera, Sony senior who helped develop PlayStation’s online services, Leaving the interactive entertainment section At the end of the financial year. From 1 April 2021, it will no longer be part of the SIE, but it will not go far. In fact, he will be offered a new stake in Sony.

Suyoshi Kodera Part of Sony for 30 years. In 2010 he joined Sony Interactive Entertainment Network as Senior Vice President and was promoted to Overall President. Sony Network Entertainment In that capacity, Suyoshi Kodera was instrumental in launching the Play Store online services, including the BS Store, PS Plus and PS Now, PlayStation Video and Music.

B.S. This is certainly one of the great achievements of Suyoshi Kodera: service has become one of the biggest sources of income while leading the administration. The service now has over 45 million subscribers. In 2016, Sony merged the Computer Entertainment and Network Entertainment divisions to form the modern Sony Interactive Entertainment. Kodera was appointed vice president. In 2017, it became CEO and Chairman of SIE, After the farewell of Andrew House. In 2019, this led to the current president and CEO, Jim Ryan.

So the PlayStation loses part of its team, but at least Godrej will not leave the company. Recently, Sony PlayStation and TheFarewell to various Japanese persons, Producer Teruyuki Toriyama (Souls of Monsters), and Keiziro Toyama (Silent Hill, Gravity Rush). But Jim Ryan, Sony has not sidelined Japan’s soil within his business.

However, there is even talk of a “declining” PlayStation in Japan, which may be due to Sony’s censorship.