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Watch Docs Legion by Xbox X Boss?  |  Xbox One

Watch Docs Legion by Xbox X Boss? | Xbox One

Watch Docs Legion Released on October 29th and with the advent of new generation consoles, especially with support for radiation tracking. The title will welcome its part very soon Multiplayer, A surprise can be planned for Xbox gamers as well.

Check out the upcoming Docs Legion for Xbox Game Pass?

In fact, according to hShpeshal_Ed, the Watchdog Legion may be coming to the Xbox Game Pass. At least one of his last tweets suggests, we can see below. Familiar with the environment, he saw exactly the arrival of the Final Fantasy 7 remake on PS + games this month.

In Ubisoft + game too?

Also, let’s remember that rumor from the beginning of this year Integrated with Ubisoft + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Seeing the service land with a strong game like Watch Docs Legion now also seems like an opportunity. We know that Microsoft wants to build its own game pass and make big bets about it for attractive players. I have to say that by offering the opportunity to play your favorite games on mobile with Xbox, PC and Xploud, the offer will be very attractive.

However, we need to know soon whether this rumor regarding the Watchdog Legion is valid or not. Microsoft’s duck laying golden eggs will make many headlines in March, and you can already see the first visit in our article Xbox Game Boss March 2021 Game.

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