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Was the free PS5 and PS4 games leaked by June?

Was the free PS5 and PS4 games leaked by June?

As we have already mentioned on our pages, Sony will announce new free games this weekend Any PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to access it in June. However, even this time the usual leak that the Japanese company plans to have discovered a few days ago was not seen.

Spreading the blindness, as has already happened, is the Spanish portal of the ariajugons, according to which they will be Star Wars Forces (PlayStation 4), Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Clash (PlayStation 4) e Operation Tango (PlayStation 5) Games that Sony will be offering to its subscribers in the coming June. Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Shodown, in particular, was uploaded to the PS4 version of the PlayStation Network database in April, and it Received rating from South Korean Evaluation Board. Most likely, if the leak proves to be well established, it will be together A review of the fighting game was first released on PS3 in 2007 This is a direct introduction to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection.

Ariyajugonis correctly predicts free games in May and expects attendance New types of PS5 DualSense controller, We recommend waiting until Sony releases its announcement and take the messages with proper caution. The official presentation of the new PS Plus offer is due out on Wednesday, May 26th, Except for changes in the company plan due to calendar requirements.