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Armenia unleashes it, hard eruption comes

Armenia unleashes it, hard eruption comes

Henrik Magdian (Getty Images)

Mkhitaryan, who is not on Armenia’s team list for next friends, is a sensational exception.

It is approaching Euro 2021, And national teams are already starting their approach march these days considering the important continental assessment. There will be a friendly before the kick-off of the European tournament starting on Friday, June 11th. Of course, Italy will also prepare itself with friendly matches in the next few days, which will definitely help ease the situation in view of the European Championship.

Not only that, of course Teams This year there will not be a fixed location, but it will be in competition to travel across Europe. Even national teams that obviously have not reached the finals will be the heroes of many friendships.

There is even one of these Armenia, And a sensational news is coming from this national team, and about one of the most representative players playing in Serie A. Henrik Magdian, Who was sensationally excluded from the technical commissioner’s team list Joaquin Cabares.

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Active Henrik Magdian
Henrik Magdian (Getty Images)

Mkhitaryan leaving the Armenian team

This seems very strange, as Mkhitaryan is not seen as a player on the list of players invited by Armenia. Precisely this news hit the player, he exploded violently against himself on social media end of ct Cabros.

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I am surprised, For whatever reason, I was informed by the staff of the Armenian national team that I had not been invited to the next matches, ”said the Roma player, who expressed such disappointment.

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“I do not believe in the reasons they gave me. But congratulations to our players for the next match,” Mkhitaryan commented. Croatia and Sweden.