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Warson - New map, old stumble and it's easier than ever

Warson – New map, old stumble and it’s easier than ever

Some things are new in Verdansk 84, but there are flaws that do not want to disappear from Call of Duty: Warson. Again the players disappear from the ground and spoil the game for others.

The first place of continuous defects Call of Duty: Warson While this is clearly due to the steam-clich, the rediscovery stumbling block in Verdansk 84 certainly belongs in the top 5 places. The nuclear event sent Verdansk back to 1984. Wall-defects But it was already very popular with cheaters in the 80s.

Invisible enemy

As with previous variations of the wall stumble, players will find as many places as they can with more or less effort. Go behind the walls or under the map. From there they can shoot unsuspecting players and take them out. Affected players can only find out in Gilgame how it got there.

Technically, the use of an exploit is not fraud (Terms of use Of course block it somehow, the wall imperfections are explicitly labeled as “card holes”), but the purpose and finish are the same. Players will spoil the gaming experience for others by cheating.

Reading tip

Daniel Hartman22.04.2021

Like in Harry Potter

There were many places in Old Vertonsk that could be used for wall stuttering. Often, a vehicle was placed to carry the dying animated player through a wall. According to a Reddit post, Verdangs ’84 has the shortest time, at least at the airport. There is room for players Can walk through the wall, It’s like going to 9 3/4 site in Harry Potter.

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There is also the possibility of the ground coming under the map, This clip shows. Verdansk 84 is not even a weekSo there are many more places like this, which are just a little bit more imaginative now.

Players have no chance of defending themselves against these cheats. Looking for distance seems best because the scope of movement under the map is limited. Otherwise there is only the game report.