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Award-winning story Adventure Lost Words: The Beyond Page will be released on April 6th

Publisher Modus Games and Developer Sketchbook Games today announced that the critically acclaimed Lost Words: Beyond the Page will be released on April 6 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game, which initially appeared exclusively on Google Stadia last year, tells the story of a young woman who, through writing, finds the strength to cope with life’s challenges.

While Izzy is on her journey to overcome the shock of losing a loved one, she is caught up in a dream story that unfolds in ways no one could have predicted. The brand new trailer Lost Words: Beyond the Page is an amazing adventure waiting for players.

Renowned author Rihanna Brochette (Mirrors Edge, Tomb Rider, Rise of the Tomb Rider) wrote the story Last Words: Beyond the Page. The captivating adventure, a visionary and undoubtedly touching story closely intertwined, shows the journey of a young woman facing the loss of a loved one. The title won several awards, including “Best Indie Game” in Paris, “Special Choice Indie Award in Reboot Development” and “Best Story” in Sports Link USA.

In Lost Words, players interact with words in EC’s diary to solve difficult puzzles and create unique operating system passages. They are constantly evolving and coming with the protagonist through the wonderful world of aesthetics. Words that improve the easy flow after the jump can be used as useful bases or tools for solving puzzles in each chapter.

Demo of lost words: Available on Steam beyond the page:

You can find more information about the game here Official website Find out. All the messages of Modus Games are in motion, Under Discord And on Twitter Ood modus_games.

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