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Warning for new scams: "Download Pink WhatsApp"

Warning for new scams: “Download Pink WhatsApp”

Name Share It is often exploited by hackers to create scams, and another scam spreads for hours. In fact, nothing Version Rosa of பகிரி, The most popular messaging application in the Western world. Security analyst Rajshekar Rajahariya found her and immediately reported on Twitter.

Rajshekar Rajaharia Explained as a fake application referred to by the classic WhatsApp icon Color Rosa instead verde, It is nothing more than an application Android Exploiting the name of a harmful environmental application Facebook To sneak into users’ devices and steal sensitive data from them.

Users receive a link via a text message calling to download a version Share This ensures that the color of the interface changes from green to pink. Once you click the link, the app will disappear from the device’s main screen and be active in the background, stealing victims’ personal data. Not only that. The dummy application manages the control of the address book, thus sending the same fraudulent link to all existing contacts.

Rajahariya then gave some tips to protect the phones infected with the virus. First, you need to proceed with the installation of ” immediatelyShare Rosa‘. All active sessions should be closed directly from the WhatsApp web / desktop section accessible from the official application settings. After that it is necessary to clean the browser memory.

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