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Warning: Copies of thousands of popular apps infected with Netflix, Spotify and viruses

Warning: Copies of thousands of popular apps infected with Netflix, Spotify and viruses

Montpellier Startup Fredo has identified pseudo-dangerous mobile applications that have stolen the most popular processors.

Montpellier Start-up PradoSpecializes in the security of mobile applications, Publish a statement At least say not to worry. Copies of Netflix, Spotify and thousands of other popular processors (lots of games, but ExpressVBN VPN, Avira virus, English newspaper The Guardian …) are very dangerous to users. Mainly on Android phones.

Once installed, these copies, infected with viruses and malware, can steal personal data, especially on phones. Descriptions.

How were these copies found?

Bradyo, which protects mobile phones from a large number of configurations around the world, has been alerted by tools installed on the phones it protects. “Apps called Netflix or Spotify, with the same logo on the phone, provided the malware, which surprised us a lot. We realized that they were duplicates, and this event was associated with several thousand services,” said Roxanne Chuw, director of marketing at Prado.

How are these applications installed?

These apps that copy a service are not specified by official “stores” such as Google Play for downloading official applications.

“Users downloaded them by clicking on a link in a post, often attracting ads. This is a highly developed phenomenon during locking.”

What is the goal of the pirates who raise them?

As mentioned above, most of these applications are aimed at capturing personal data on the phone: bank data, some emails, photos, messages … “The creators of this malware sell this personal data via forums on the dark internet.”

Are these copies of applications too dangerous?

These copies are about thousands of services and their risk varies greatly. In addition to copying personal data, among the inconveniences caused by their installation, “hackers can control the phone, or use it as a vector, especially to spread the message to the contact directory to download malware.”
These copies are linked to illegal databases, especially movies or fake Spotify songs provided by fake Netflix.

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How can we detect these applications?

If you have a copy of one of the copied applications affected by the presence of Netflix, Spotify or viruses, you need a regular eye to feel it. “If you know the official usage, these copies are very easy to find even if their design is relatively well done.” Content and activities that are inaccessible on key sites, official sites (latest movies, live TV … about Neflix).

How do I uninstall a copy of the application?

If you accidentally download a copy of a processor, removing it can be very complicated. As for the danger they pose, “the difficulty of getting rid of them varies greatly. Netflix copy removes the installation just like a normal application, but many require cyber security tools. If so, you need to go to your phone. . “

So the application will be on your device, but without any power.

How can we protect ourselves from these applications?

Aside from the possibility of installing expensive cyber security tools reserved for businesses, the average user may avoid downloading these fraudulent applications. “Above all, we should avoid” smashing “campaigns, usually SMS advertising campaigns that broadcast fraudulent links, especially if they offer very attractive advertising (for example, Netflix is ​​’good for being free for 3 months)’ offers, do not click on the download links they provide.”