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Waris, Kalimberdi Sansi 'unloading': new deputy mayor Ivana Perucin - politics

Waris, Kalimberdi Sansi ‘unloading’: new deputy mayor Ivana Perucin – politics

Ivana Perucine

Varis – News Municipality of Waris: Daniel Chanci will no longer be deputy mayor “In the face of his desire to choose a different path” and “a continuation of an apparent political distance with the rest of the regime”. They contact it from Palazzo Essence in a note. So, a few months after the end of his decree, Mayor David Kalimberti, who will challenge Northern League player Roberto Maroni to the next municipal council, replaces his vice president. Ivana Perucin, Former Councilor for Production Operations. An issue that forced Kalimberdi to interveneAnd differences with Sansi, As the municipality wrote, for the next five years “they may have damaged the last months of administrative activities and the stable and consistent path for the construction of the project”.

“We have come to this Epilogue – Caliberty Comments – as a result of the continuing emergence of disagreements on various issues raised in a concerted manner by the Governing Body.” பெருசின் Instead it is said Happy with the appointment, “It reaffirms the important role women have always played in the city, and” accepts the task with the awareness of placing the greatest commitment to a position that is fundamental to the future of the Waris. “