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Une représentation artistique plutôt sommaire du rover chinois Zhurong qui devrait atterrir sur Mars d'ici quelques jours. © CNSA, YouTube

Chinese rover Jurang will land on Mars tonight!

Will China become the third country to land safely on the surface of Mars after the former Soviet Union and the United States? The answer tonight with the arrival of the Red Planet of the rover of the Tianwen-1 mission.

If all goes as planned, The Round Jurong is expected to enterAtmosphere Start its landing on Mars and Friday evening at 23 hours 11 minutes (UTC) in Mars. More precisely in the southern partUtopia Planitia, The Chinese space agency has not yet released the coordinates. This partNorthern Hemisphere One of the most difficult places to land on Mars. For registration, inquire Viking2 From NASA Landed in the north in 1976Utopia Planitia.

Less difficult is not easier

The Jurong Rover will face the famous seven-minute ordeal needed to land on Mars. By selecting part ofUtopia Planitia, The people in charge of the task were given every opportunity to succeed in getting down to safety. This area is low in altitude, which gives enough time to brake for inspection, and this southern partUtopia Planitia Large areas are very flat and only a few hills are very hilly sable And large rocks. The destination landing ellipse is about 100 km long and about 20 km wide.

The Chinese Tianwen-1 probe, which is currently in orbit around the Red Planet, is preparing to land the Jurong Rover. © CGDN

To land on Mars, Jurong will use a thermal shield, a Parachute More than 15 meters in diameter and retro-rockets. Before landing, the lander will use its navigation system to find the most suitable location. A Sensor The laser will film the floor in three dimensions and a camera will compare it with the images obtained from the study to avoid the most dangerous obstacles and to find a clear place to land. The technologies implemented in the Mars lander are based on tradition Chang Lunar Journeys, For engine and navigation area and drone program Shenzhou, For heat shield and parachute system.

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FailureSchiaparelli Lander In 2016, the first European test Thing, Underscores all the difficulties of landing on Mars. Currently, only Americans have successfully landed on Mars. The former Soviet Union succeeded in landing a lander on March 3, 1971, but communications were cut off 20 seconds after it landed.

Who was the first Chinese rover to land on Mars?

Article Remy Decord Released 04/05/2021

If on the Red Planet, NASA occupies the front of the media scene with its exploits Helicopter, China should steal the show soon. In two or three weeks, or a few days, the Jurong rover is expected to land on Mars. He is currently under investigation for Tianwen-1, which is engaged in the task of finding the best place to land.

All eyes are the purpose of diligence andIngenious helicopter From NASA, let’s not forget that China is preparing to land on the Red Planet. In Around the circular path Orbiting the planet from February 10, the Chinese Study Tianwen-1 Jurong is preparing to land the rover on a date not yet announced, but it is expected to be from mid-May to early June. If all goes according to plan, China will become the second country after the United States to land a rover on Mars. Note that the former Soviet Union succeeded in landing a rover on the Red Planet in 1971, but the latter only ran for a few ten seconds (March 3).

For a safe landing in the southern part of Jurong RoverUtopia Planitia, Requires a detailed analysis of its landing site. In fact, you should know that unlike the Chinese space agency, NASA or ESA, there is no high-end card. Resolution Of Mars. And so onOrbit Able to provide very detailed maps of NASA’s MRO (and its Hiris Camera) site, with a resolution of a few thousand centimetersDiligent landing Before its launch. The Tianwen-1 study is currently mapping the region to draw the most detailed maps. The goal is to find the most suitable place to land the rover safely in a flat environment where there are not too many large rocks and as much as possible.

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An ambitious rover

250 This rover Kilograms Approximately larger than rovers Spirit And NASA’s opportunity but a quarter of curiosity and perseverance. Equipped with six motor wheels, which allow it to move like a crab, the Jurong can travel up to 200 meters per hour. It has six tools, including a camera Laser Very similarTool Chemcom American Rover Curiosity. This includes optical cameras, a radar to study the soil, a spectrometer, a Magnetometer And a meteorological station (temperature measurements, Pressure And you Vent Especially). Will produce its four solar panelsEnergy It is essential for its operation with a view to lasting more or less than 90 days. Data can also be transmitted by the Tianwen-1 orbiter or by probe Mars Express From the European Space Agency if China so requested.

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