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Wallpapers spend less time on the screen

OnePlus Introduces Wallpaper App, which offers three responsive wallpaper designs. These will change when you use your phone considering digital well-being.

The more videos you watch, the more area Wallpaper Knows itself. If you stay away from social networks, one of the colors behind your apps will take up a little less space. It was on this very simple principle that the new application was launched OnePlus, Wallpaper.

At first glance, this may seem like a simple cosmetic wallpaper application. But in recent years, OnePlus has been developing a reflection and applications dedicated to digital well-being. A play about the words between the name of the app, wallpaper, wallpaper (wallpaper) and well-being (well-being) underscores the digital well-centered ambition of this app.

Murmur for your well-being

The wallpaper fits somewhere in the Nudge Theory (Nudge Theory), which aims to go into small touches without noticing our behavior, and for our own benefit. For example, it’s like when an application reminds us that we haven’t run for a month. There, the basic idea is to make the user aware that he spends too much time on such or such applications in any of the applications related to work or entertainment.

Also note that the wallpaper is compatible with smartphones other than OnePlus. We tested it on a Samsung and a Xiaomi and it worked perfectly. To install this, nothing could be simpler: the wallpaper is already in the Play Store.

How does it work?

First, you need to download the app which is only available on Android.

You can choose between three different styles: one (left) represents moving tiles inspired by paintings by Fiat Montrian. The second (middle), titled Chloe, shows the neon bars in style Cyberpunk. The third, called radial, adopts a more volatile appearance, with a touch of light colors mixing with each other.

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Once the style is selected, the application explains that each color represents a type of functionality on your laptop. The more time you spend on a genre, the more space its color takes up in the background.

For example, in our experiment, we find that a good portion of the red screen is taken: this is actually the “entertainment” type.

So it’s all good and good, but does that risk wear the battery faster than expected? OnePlus says it was expecting something like this. “With wallpaper, we only repaint the wallpaper when it opens, then it will be stable”, Says senior product manager Sam Twist in a forum post offering the new app. “We add delays if users continue to lock / unlock their phone. Therefore, battery consumption should be much closer to standard wallpaper than to traditional dynamic wallpaper. “

So it looks like a good compromise between the most energetic live wallpapers and standard wallpapers.

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