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Wallon San Rocco discharges wastewater into stormwater drains

The Vallon San Rocco Continues to suffer the consequences of human cruelty: the carabiner actually invented a building function that illegally discharges sewage into the valley.

Following a report from local police offices by employees of the ABC City Water Service, agents from the Environmental Protection Agency found and intercepted a large amount of special sewage in the Wallon San Rocco area of ​​the protected area. Part of the Kamaldoli Mountains Park.

ABC reports that in recent weeks, the municipal lifting system, which serves users in the hospital area, has gone on alert. Distributed into unsuitable septic tanks, mainly including Cement mud It reached the plant, which is located at the bottom, after passing a section of a natural canal designed to collect rainwater.

Municipal agents, led by technical staff, went back through the tunnels until they reached the construction site set up by a private company carrying out upgrade work on the sewer network. Instead of managing the liquid waste legally, by reclaiming and disposing of the waste, the company diluted it and paid directly into the rainwater collection channel.

At the time of the approach, the action taken by the agents surprised the workers Pour waste sludge from the building activity inside the canal. To stop the risk to environmental metrics and control the damage caused by the illegal entry of special wastewater into the Wallon San Rocco, the carabiner seized construction site, construction site, equipment and materials.

The person responsible for the company’s activities reported the matter to the Judicial Authority for environmental offenses related to the action confirmed under Sections 256 and 137 of the Environmental Code.

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