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Wall Iron - Reveals Release Date And Game In New, Epic Trailer With The Voice Of Famous Doug Coggle

Wall Iron – Reveals Release Date And Game In New, Epic Trailer With The Voice Of Famous Doug Coggle

Coming from the indie publisher United label the RPG Adventure Tails Iron is presented in the new eco trailer, which not only offers a breathtaking game world, but also insights into the epic battles. Doug Gogil, the voice of Gerald of Rivia from The Witcher, slips through the narrator and leads the soldiers into a dark world full of beautiful but enemy frogs, threatening swamps and deadly weapons.

At the same time, the United Label announces a release date: From September 17, 2021, fans of this genre will be able to enjoy the beautiful adventures of Redki for themselves. Iron Tails PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X | Comes with S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The new “Welcome to the Kingdom” teaser trailer gives a first look at the inspired, challenging combat system like the soul of Tales of Iron. Doug Gogol’s rude voice depicts very different contexts and some of Greenward’s ruthless frogs.

In Tales of Iron, written by indie studio Od Buck Studios and publisher United Label, the players embark on an epic adventure as Redki, the heir to the Rat Throne. When ferocious frogs invade the kingdom, Redki must fight back to defend his homeland. Loyal comrades, complex battles and customizable equipment underscore the exciting story in this wonderful, hand-drawn 2D world full of surprises.


  • Brutal fights in soul-like style with escape characters, counter-attacks and deadly executions
  • A vast and treacherous kingdom of six different biomes, each shining with secret paths and treasures
  • A thrilling story told by the rough voice of Doug Gogol
  • Customizable fighting styles with different types of weapons and armor
  • Side trips for required pocket money
  • Hidden maps to create powerful weapons
  • The wild boss fights against the exaggerated generals of the frog clan
  • A breathtaking and lovingly hand-painted 2D style
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Iron erscheint tail 17 am. September 2021 auf PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Retail versions can be pre-ordered from selected retailers. Those who pre-order the physics version will receive the Crimson Knight DLC pack with the following content:

  • 3 armored skins
  • 3 Helmskins
  • 3 arm skins
  • 3 shield skins

Wishlist / Pre-Orders Completed United label Available.

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