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Wal-O-Mat 2021 for Federal Election Why Should I Vote?

Wal-O-Mat 2021 for Federal Election Why Should I Vote?

The federal election will take place on September 26, 2021. In the election, the citizens of Germany who have the right to vote decide the composition of the 20th Bundestack. The Bundestag, the representative body of the Federal Republic of Germany, is largely accountable to the law and is also known as the parliament.

Wall-O-Matt is designed to help voters find out which party is right for them. The online tool was developed by the Federal Agency for Civil Education (PPP). Wall-O-Matt has about 40 questions that will handle the current political debate and provide answers from the parties to the election.

Tagesspiegel Interactive Offers for the 2021 Federal Election:

That The program can be found here For the computer Downloaded Like and is Application for Android And Apple Questions and dissertations on the 2021 federal election will be available online four weeks before the election. This also applies to state elections.

How does Wahl-O-Mat work?

The question and answer tool shows the user which political party is closest to their political position. Walk-O-Mat only takes into account the parties allowed to vote. A total of 38 studies may be answered as “Agree”, “Disagree”, “Neutral” or “Avoid Study”.

In this way, users can compare their own responses with the responses of the parties. At the end of 38 studies, the voting machine determines the extent of the individual agreement with the selected parties and helps the user to get closer to the possible voting result.

How was Wall-O-Made created?

Dissertations to help make decisions have been developed in many workshops. The various party and election programs of the parties and the program reports on the election are used on the basis of the dissertation.

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The team includes young and first-time voters. If you want to be there, you need to apply in advance using the online form. There are political scientists, statisticians and academics, experts in specific disciplines and those in charge of the PPP. The answers given in the study come from the parties.

When will Wal-O-Matt be available for the 2021 federal election?

The Wall-O-Mate for the 2021 federal election is expected to be released on September 2nd.

How long has Wall-O-Matt been there?

Wall-O-Made was created in 2002 by the Federal Institute for Civil Education. Since then, he has been available for European, state and federal elections. According to the Federal Agency for Civil Education, it was used 85 million times before the election.