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Vodafone is blocking premium-rate services for all users

Good news for customers Vodafone: The phone operator has, in fact, announced that the module is available to all its users By default On all VAS digital services (also known as premium services).

The initiative was initially scheduled to start on April 30, but the operator later announced that the process would continue for a few more weeks, with the aim of completing it by 31 May 2021.

Vodafone has finally blocked all VAS services

According to what has been learnedHowever, it still took a few days, but the important thing is that from 5 June 2021 all Vodafone customers should already have enabled automatic blocking of VAS services.

Considering how often the case of “affected” users of these types of services occurs (these can be activated via SMS or data connection and they offer a wide variety of content, from horoscopes to news, games to music, forecast weather, etc., all by paying a lump sum Only one Or a specific subscription), the only good news for Vodafone customers is that they are finally out of this “danger”.

This initiative was taken by a reputed phone operator In executing an AGCOM arrangement, Which stipulates that all mobile customers must be protected from this type of service.

Some services such as donations, mobile ticketing, PEC services, banking information services, television, postal services and electronic certified delivery services are not included in the automation module.

Users who wish to request module deactivation By default VAS services can be obtained at any time by contacting Vodafone customer service at no cost.

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You can see it all Vodafone offers by following this link.

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