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Virtuoso's boarding capability to make announcements on Nintendo Switch this summer

Virtuoso’s boarding capability to make announcements on Nintendo Switch this summer

Christoph Canton, CEO of Windows (the studio behind the ports of LA Noir, The Outer World and Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch), said he was very excited about the new plans to be announced this summer. ..

Here is the translation of this interesting passage:

2021 landed on a flying start for the Nintendo Switch that preceded the sale of the 3DS. There are many reasons for this success: Fantastic “first party” games and a very brilliant design that brought fans of small consoles and living rooms together. What really sets the switch apart is its support for third-party publishers. Investing in a switch does not mean “missing headlines”, now you can find owners like BioShock and Xcom along with Mario and Zelda. This is a new approach with third-party publishers and lends themselves to Nintendo for their desire to turn the Nintendo Switch into a welcome medium for developers of all sizes and backgrounds. We were able to use Nintendo’s tools to bring titles beautifully and efficiently into their hardware, and we’re very excited about the new projects planned this summer. There’s a lot more to come in the Nintendo Switch family! “

It should be noted that he is talking about the Nintendo Switch family, because of the surprises one might think of Switch Pro / S / Ala… but it may be that the switch and switch light are on However these announcements do not fail to arouse our interest, we can not wait to find out what it is In the meantime you can check out our tests on virtualized ports

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