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Vincenzo Italiano Vilahovic downloads: "We can target Europe"

Vincenzo Italiano Vilahovic downloads: “We can target Europe”

Soap Opera Fiorentina-Vlahovic It does not seem to end. After strong, very strong statements of President Commisso Transfer to Serbian JuventusToday came the coach’s turn Vincenzo Italiano. The coach answered some questions from fans on the club’s social channels, uploaded his team and handed the keys to the attack to the new couple. Silver-Cabral. It is still difficult to predict whether they will play together; The hope of the whole viola world is that they will not miss the former No.9. Rush to Europe.

Is Fiorentina stronger than she was a month ago? I think yes. We have grown in many aspects. It makes me think about Turin’s wrongdoing and how we acted immediately. That is what it means We are maturing from all perspectives. Cabral? The boy came recently, he did some training with the team, but he is young but of good quality. He is loaded and we hope he will give us a big hand. The group united and charged, no doubt. We know we’ve done something important in both the league and the Cup, and it’s a good robbery and can actually complain about something left on the road. Now the guys know we still have to run, fight, and be strong because if we don’t do that we will endanger everyone. We are united as never before to repeat what we have done so far. Friday He is a great player in the area, has a great nose for goals, moves well in the area and reads all situations well. We start to try to improve him especially away from the target, but these are his characteristics. Cabral is technically a Brazilian who clearly likes to have the ball between his legs, he knows how to play in the strait and he also knows how to move around the area because he has already shown that he has a better setup. Even in the last meters, he knows how to score in every category. We have these qualities, we have to try to use them well and put both in the best position and finalize what we create. We are a team that creates and produces a lot: to do that, we need their spark.

And to close, The ultimate motivation This further strengthens the Tuscan Club:

“It simply came to our notice then Lazio. In the last days before the match we did a good job even though it was always a regular problem for the national teams to come. As always, with the rest, they prepared well for the match and we worked, they fought, and we worked a little too. The boys are fine, the slower they all come, the harder, we will try to give the next enemy with whom we have a hard time. We share an important role. “

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