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Check the date: When WhatsApp stops working

Check the date: When WhatsApp stops working

If you want to use it regularly Share Mark May 15th on your calendar. In fact, you may no longer be able to use the service from next Saturday. Since then, the most widely used messaging application in the world will follow the new terms of use. In January 2021, the company released WhatsApp updates on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which raised some controversy.

WhatsApp changes

Report Courier serviceIn fact, initially the novelty was not liked by many, but as the days passed it went into oblivion. Thanks to GDPR, the European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data, Italian users and users from other EU countries will not have big differences in the processing of their personal data. However, now there is another announcement from the company that will be discussed again. In the fock of the WhatsApp site you can see what is actually placed in black and white New Terms of Use, The application may crash.

What happens to your account

To better illustrate this, this is yours Personal account It will disappear or be destroyed in no time. It will continue and be active, but it cannot be used. It is really impossible to send and receive messages. This is eventually expected on WhatsApp. There are two cases: you accept the new terms, or say goodbye to the application. You have the option. Among other things, next Saturday, May 15, will be the last day to download chat chats on iPhone and Android devices.

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Here is what will change. After all, change is worrying Data sharing Phone number, transactions, information about services and how we interact with other users. In terms of usage, a paragraph on “affiliated companies” describes it WhatsApp receives information from Facebook companies and shares information to provide integration that allows users to integrate their WhatsApp experience with other Facebook products, and to ensure the security, security and integrity of Facebook’s products, and to “promote ads related to products that are part of Facebook’s products and user experience”. In fact, we remind you that WhatsApp is a US-centric instant messaging computer application created in 2009 and has been part of the Facebook group since February 19, 2014.