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Video. "Welcome to Crew 2": Thomas Baskett enters the International Space Station

Video. “Welcome to Crew 2”: Thomas Baskett enters the International Space Station

“Heart Capture is over, welcome to ISS, we are very happy to welcome you”. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule successfully landed on the International Space Station, carrying four astronauts aboard, including Frenchman Thomas Pesket.

Team, He left Florida the day before, Eagerly awaited by the crew who were already on board. It was with the many smiles, warmth and warmth that the international astronauts encountered, that it led to touching and emotional images.

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“Being here on the space station is so amazing. The space station has changed a lot since I last arrived, I have never seen so many astronauts aboard, I have never seen so many astronauts, I think this is a tribute to the strength of this project ”,” he said. Thomas cheered the basket Shortly after he arrived. This is the second stay ISS “We can’t wait to start our mission at the space station. We can’t wait to see what the adventure is for us in these five months,” he said.

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