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Battlefield 2042, many PC players talk about a buggy and incomplete game -

Video PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC – Compare versions

Global introduction a few days later Battlefield 2042, One published by the YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits Video It compares the performance of the graphics and versions PS5, Xbox Series S | X e PC Shooter of EA and DICE.

The PC version we see in the movie runs on RTX 3080 using standard DLSS. About Xbox Series X and PS5 resolution 2160p Temporary Reconstruction, Xbox Series S si ferma a 1260p.

All versions of Battlefield 2042 are running, according to reports from ElAnalistaDeBits 60fps: The framerate on the Series S is granite, while on the PS5 and Xbox Series X they are occasionally affected by a few drops, often on the Sony console.

The PS5 is a console with better processing of temporary reconstruction, which is slightly sharper than the Series X, but with lower images than the PC version with active DLSS. The configurations on the Xbox Series X and PS5 are practically identical, but in some cases the Sony console manages to come very close to the standard of the PC version. Series X, on the other hand, features high-quality reflections and an anisotropic filter.

As a net of graphical differences, ElAnalistaDeBits claims that all versions of Battlefield 2042 are well-optimized.

Battlefield 2042 will be available on all platforms starting Friday, November 19thHowever, players who purchase the Gold and Ultimate Edition can already play it for a few days with initial access, as well as subscribers to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass to try the game for 10 hours. Currently, DICE’s shooter seems to have serious issues with the Xbox Series X, with players complaining of multiple malfunctions on the Microsoft console.

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