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Video lumen on Unreal Engine 5 shows new technology - Nert 4.Life

Video lumen on Unreal Engine 5 shows new technology – Nert 4.Life

Simulam Developer has released a new dedicated video I am Jesus Christ. Simulam recently decided to switch from Unity Unreal Engine5. So, for now, show the game with technology Lumen, Or the universal lighting solution designed by Epic Games for the new development machine.

Traveling to Nazareth, the video allows me to see some of Jesus Christ’s play situations. We can see some examples of letters And tests the lumen of the Unreal Engine 5, appreciating the environment with different types of lighting.

I am Jesus Christ: A Vision of Nazareth

If you do not know it, you need to know that I am Jesus Christ Simulator It aims to trace the story of Jesus from birth to resurrection, baptism and the miracles described in the New Testament. We must fight against Satan in the wilderness, heal the sick, and help the poor.

We have to run over 30 in that I am Jesus Christ Miracles. The power of the Holy Spirit can be recharged through prayer. The duration of the game should settle to 10 hours, which will be crucified and end with the resurrection. There will be more than 60 characters starting with the apostles.

Also, in the video of Easter 2021 you can see healing and walking in the water.

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